Fun Fact Friday

Location of Hogwarts


Did you know that if Hogwarts were to actually exist, it would be located in the Scottish Highlands?

J.K. Rowling has said before that she has always imagined Hogwarts to be in Scotland, but that’s a big area! Based on little tidbits of information from the various Harry Potter novels, along with the fact that we know the Hogwarts Express travels north and it takes almost a whole day to get to the school via train, the math checks out and the Scottish Highlands is the only logical location for the famous school. There is a full, detailed working of this information found here.



Fun Fact Friday



Did you know that the term “cyberspace” was first coined in the 1980s?

The term “cyberspace” first appeared in the fictional works of sci-fi author William Gibson. The very first time he used the term was in a short story in 1982 calledĀ Burning Chrome, but more famously, it was used in his 1984 novelĀ Neuromancer.