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Must-Read Monday: Nevernight by Jay Kristoff


It is going to take all my willpower and skills to give a relatively succinct synopsis of this book.

So, here it goes…

With her family torn apart by the powers that be, Mia Corvere is alone and afraid with only her gift of talking to the shadows to keep her company. It is this gift that leads her to a retired killer who takes her in and teaches her his trade. Years later, Mia has vowed vengeance for her family and she becomes an apprentice with the Red Church – the deadliest, most devious group of assassins that exist. She and her fellow students are put to the test, all of them vying for the ultimate honour of becoming a Blade of the Church. But soon someone in their midst starts killing off the apprentices, and Mia discovers that finding a murderer in an institution filled with assassins is not an easy task.

Wowza! Where do I even start? As a fan of fantasy novels, I absolutely LOVED this book! This novel is definitely in my favourite of all that I read in 2016. Kristoff’s attention to detail in his world building transports you into the universe he has created, so much so that at times I completely forgot I was reading a novel. His characterisation is likewise just as brilliant, complex and well thought out as his world building. Kristoff presents us with a fantastic cast of individual personalities taking part in the story, some of which you love, some of which you hate and some of which you underestimate!

While the main character is of young adult age, and struggled with/experiences issues and emotions typical of a young adult, I would definitely NOT class this book as a ‘young adult’ fiction novel. This novel has an abundance of coarse language – f-words are frequent and c-bombs make many notable appearances. It also contains several rather explicit and descriptive sex scenes. And of course, there is all the blood, stabbing, killing and general violence.

That’s not to say that I think we should censor the reading habits of teens or that I don’t think young adults should read this. However, since the publication and worldwide success of the ‘Illuminae’ series – a series Kristoff co-authored that is targeted at young adults and therefore means many of his fans are of young adult age – I do think it is worth mentioning that there are definitely adult themes and adult language present in this novel. As always when choosing a novel to read, regardless of the reader’s age, it depends on the individual reader and what they do and don’t like in a book.

The Elevator Pitch

Think Harry Potter but sexier, and with assassins. And vengeance. And stabbing. And death. Lots and lots of stabbing and death. #stabstabstab


New Year, New Blog


2016 was a bad blog year for me.

I published exactly zero blog posts.

I could make excuses and say I was busy with work (I was) and busy with uni (I was), but really, I just didn’t have the same drive and excitement for it that I had when I first started blogging.

So, after a self-imposed 12 month hiatus, I am pleased to announce that I AM BACK!

I have a new, demanding blog schedule and a new way of doing things. The plan (fingers crossed!) is to post once a day according to a daily theme. At the moment, that looks a little something like this:

Must-Read Monday

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Every Monday I will aim to post a review of a book that I think is a ‘must-read’.

Top Ten Tuesday

Every Tuesday I will blog some kind list featuring the Top Ten of something bookish.

Wishlist Wednesday

On Wednesdays the plan is to blog about a few books that are yet to be released, but that I am really looking forward to.

Travel-the-Globe Thursday

Thursdays we will look at international places and locations that have a bookish aspect to them.

Fun Fact Friday

Every Friday I will aim to regale you with a random bookish fact.

Screen Version Saturday

On Saturdays we will look at and compare a book and its movie or TV adaptation.

Sentimental Sunday

A look back on books that I loved as a child or that have changed my life in some way.

So, that’s the plan!
I may not be successful (posting every day for a year is a BIG ask!), but at least I have a goal and I am going to try my best to get there.

Hopefully you’ll join me for the journey!